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Nov 15th, 2018, 5:19pm

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 1   Arimaa / Bot Development / Tools for evaluating states  Nov 8th, 2018, 2:11pm 
Started by nbarriga | Last post by nbarriga
Hi, I was wondering, are there any readily available tools for evaluating game states?  
I'm looking for something that receives a board configuration and outputs some kind of score or winning probability for the current player to move. I don't care if it does search or if it is a static evaluation (even  just material).
Preferably something like a script or executable, and not a webpage, so I can do a batch of a few thousand evaluations.
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 2   Arimaa / Say Hello / Re: Hello everyone, newbie looking to learn this g  Oct 31st, 2018, 11:56pm 
Started by Beerkeeper | Last post by rabbits
Welcome Beerkeeper!  There are a number of videos and books on how to play Arimaa well.  Once you know the basics, I recommend trying out your own ideas until you find a strategy that works well for you.  Also, feel free to stop by the chatroom if you have any questions.
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 3   Arimaa / Arimaa Buzz / Arimaa mentioned on lichess.org forum  Oct 30th, 2018, 10:25pm 
Started by omar | Last post by omar
I recently came across lichess.org; looks like this chess site is gaining popularity. I was surprised by how many players were online. Browsing around the site I stumbled on this thread about Arimaa.
https://lichess.org/forum/off-topic-discussion/arimaa-deep-strategy-ches s-like-game
Not sure who started the thread, but thanks.
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 4   Arimaa / Site Discussion / Game suddenly disappeared?!  Oct 21st, 2018, 3:11pm 
Started by a_god | Last post by a_god
Please ... restore our human game, it disappeared for no reasons. We (dpalmer, a_god) would like to continue playing.
Last message I received is:
It is now your move in the game against:  
dpalmer made the move on:
Sat 12:05 pm YLT
Click here to enter the gameroom and see the move.
http://arimaa.com/arimaa/gameroom/opengamewin.cgi?gameid=469436&side =w&plid=16337&auth=808903523720
Or look under "My Games" in the gameroom:
If this message went to your Bulk or Spam folder  
we suggest creating a filter to move emails containing
it's your move
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 5   Arimaa / Say Hello / Re: Introduction of commentjouer  Oct 17th, 2018, 4:02am 
Started by commentjouer | Last post by Hippo
Hi Anthony,
I hope you enjoy the game.
You can find bot's here anytimes of different skill levels, humans tend to play postals here.
A lot of humans (especially computer scientists) lost a bit of interest in the game when Arimaa challenge was beaten, but arimaa is nice game and I think most of them will returnSmiley.
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 6   Arimaa / Off Topic Discussion / Re: Christian Freeling on inventing games (part 2)  Oct 1st, 2018, 10:33am 
Started by christianF | Last post by christianF
Luctor et Submergo - playing Emergo against Stephen Tavener's AiAi
Stephen Tavener has implemented Emergo in his AiAi. It's the square version on a 7x7 and a 9x9 board (if played on the dark squares of a checkered board, the actual boards are 'orthogonalised').  

I've always maintained that you don't need a neural network to make an Emergo AI with superhuman capabilities, and indeed, Stephen didn't. In the last three days I've played more than a hundred 7x7 games against it, giving the AI 5 seconds for a move and needing on avarage about a minute myself. I won barely ten. On two occasions when I thought victory was mine, it managed a combination that resulted in self blocking (and thus a draw).
The program is ruthless but it is a great teacher. It shows the efficiency of the game by not wasting any time in wiping you off the board (while you actually remain on the board).
For beginners it looks like chaos, but there's order in it. It requires a form of visualisation that is very familiar for Draughts players. Although Emergo knows a placement stage (exellently handled by the AI) it is by all means a movement game. I'd almost say the ultimate movement game. Here you are, and a few plies down you're in a totally different position.
I highly recommend the progam. You won't believe the tricks it can show on a 25 cells board with 2x8 men. If you don't think it is possible to have a game that in human terms is inexhaustible, with such limited material, then you might want to reconsider.
You can download the program here.
It would be nice for interested posters to announce their first victory against the AI in this very thread. For me it will count as a proof that you actually understand the game.
P.S. As always, 'legal' is implemented perfectly.
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 7   Arimaa / Say Hello / Re: Hi I'm new here  Aug 22nd, 2018, 3:11am 
Started by Angel233 | Last post by Eine1969
I used to play chess on chess board with my friend occasionally. But i am glad, i have found your post in bestdissertations.com website. I have never heard about Arimaa game before. But i would love to play this game with friend.
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 8   Arimaa / Bot Development / New bot: bot_turtle  Aug 18th, 2018, 2:48pm 
Started by mattj256 | Last post by mattj256
I made a bot!  It's really basic, just a simple four-step search.
But it can beat ArimaaBotScoreP1, which was a bucket list item for me.
As you can see, it recognizes goal in one (always) and one-move captures (usually).
Behind the scenes, I wrote 329 test cases (and counting).
Roughly 2/3 of the tests are related to generating legal moves, including many low-level bitboard operations to check for freezing, adjacent enemies, captured pieces, etc.
It's written in Java, there are plenty of inefficiencies, and I've been thinking of starting over from scratch in Go.  But I wanted to make a dent in the bot ladder first.
This took me two months (while working full-time) and it was totally worth it!  Looking forward to seeing what great things the community comes up with.  (And, when I have time, hopefully contributing some stuff of my own.)
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 9   Arimaa / Off Topic Discussion / Tata Nexon Scores 4-Star in Global NCAP Crash Test  Aug 8th, 2018, 3:29am 
Started by helenruybal | Last post by helenruybal
Tata Nexon has scored a 4-star rating by Global NCAP, which is considered as the global benchmark for evaluating the car safety of newly introduced models. The Global NCAP safety tests indicates that the Nexon achieved the highest adult safety score (13.56/17.00) amongst all the models tested across the Indian market.
Speaking about the new feat achieved by the Nexon, Mr Mayank Pareek, President – PVBU, Tata Motors, said, “The Global NCAP results are a reflection of our commitment towards bringing technologically advanced features which are safe yet stylish. With these test results, the Nexon is India's safest compact SUV, after being one of the most awarded models from the Tata Motors’ PV stable. It is a proud moment for all our Nexon customers today. I am delighted and proud of the hard-work put in by the entire team and congratulate each one for this accomplishment.  Our journey to offer best quality products continues."  
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 10   Arimaa / General Discussion / Re: Handicap system for beginners ?  Jun 22nd, 2018, 8:26am 
Started by pago | Last post by DakotaEverard
Arimaa Fast Rules said about handicap the following:
When one player is more experienced or older than another the games can become one sided. To make the game more
balanced the stronger player can play with a handicap by using one less rabbit or other piece. The stronger the piece you
remove the more the handicap. In some cases the stronger player may need to take out more than one piece.
About supporting handicap games i.e. arimaa here is article from github
Hope this information will be helpful for you. Besides, I would be grateful if you will visit my website
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