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Jan 17th, 2019, 5:05am

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 1   Arimaa / Say Hello / Re: Hi, I'm rediscovering the game  Jan 16th, 2019, 6:13pm 
Started by apophis | Last post by eykca
Welcome aboard! If you see me online, send me an invite! I wanna play against real people some day!
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 2   Arimaa / Site Discussion / Re: 4steps - standalone Arimaa client  Jan 15th, 2019, 4:50pm 
Started by aaaa | Last post by eykca
I was playing around with the custom position setup feature. It's awesome! It's exactly what I was looking for to help work through problems in the Arimaa: Strategies and Tactics book. It is very similar to the Analysis Board feature on Lichess.
Is it possible for the custom board setup to have a START from this position feature and then have a move list off to the side. That way if I want to work through a variation, I can then snap back to the starting position.  
The only other thing I was thinking about, and this is just me listing pie in the sky stuff, is a rough computer analysis of the position. That way if I'm working through a problem from the book and I pull my patented "why don't you just do this" the computer can quickly show a refutation.
If I worked on something as hard as I am sure you have on this, I wouldn't take "just add this" stuff very well, but I got the impression you wanted some feedback and the such. Again, I greatly appreciate your effort, it makes me want to keep playing the game.
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 3   Arimaa / Off Topic Discussion / Re: Christian Freeling on inventing games (part 2)  Jan 12th, 2019, 6:07am 
Started by christianF | Last post by christianF
Nick Bentley and yours truly designed a new entrance to "The old Lady's Castle", with much the same arguments that Fischer gave for Chess960: better balance and a strongly reduced impact of accumulated opening theory. However, Chess960 is unsatisfactory in terms of architecture. I'll leave that without comment at this time.
Nick and I feel Chess+ is better, simpler and more integrated, because the entering protocol and the normal move protocol are interwoven. But feelings are for hippies. This is quite new and whether it delivers what it is intended to deliver remains to be seen. There is a chance Stephen Tavener will include it in his AiAi engine, and if and when that happens, test procedures over large numbers of Ai vs Ai games will be possible. 'Nuff said, here are the rules:
- Unless otherwise indicated, the rules of Chess apply.
- The material is the same as in Chess.
Initial position
All pawns are placed on the same initial squares as in Chess: white pawns on the second row and black pawns on the seventh. Both White and Black have their pieces 'in hand' beside the board.
Entering and moving
'Entering a piece' means placing a 'piece in hand' on a vacant square behind an unmoved pawn of the player's own colour, with the option of moving that pawn one or two squares straight forwards or capturing with it, in the same turn. The conditions for making a move while a player still has a piece or pieces in hand are:
- If a player's own king is not yet on the board then the player on his or her turn must enter a piece.
- If a player's own king is on the board then a player on his or her turn must enter a piece OR make a regular move with any piece or pawn.
From the entering protocol it follows that players must enter their king on or before the eighth turn. A king may not be entered 'in check'. A player unable to enter his or her king if required loses the game.
- There is no castling.
- En Passant is as in Chess.

P.S. If you wonder about bishops, so did we. Smiley
There's a thread running at BGG about the protocol and in it is a reference to this article by Frederic Friedel. In the article the author mentions a problem of Chess960 players who, confronted with a set-up neither did choose, sometimes start a game in a state bordering on catatonia.
May I add this consideration regarding the difference of both protocols. Chess960 confronts players with an opening arrangement that they didn't choose and that didn't evolve. And that's a big deal! A Chess+ opening evolves in every single game, so the typical cases of catatonia that are mentioned in the article will never occur: players grow into the game and an initial position doesn't have to be decided upon. We consider that another significant advantage.
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 4   Arimaa / General Discussion / Re: Interested in Wooden Arimaa Board and Pieces K  Jan 11th, 2019, 2:40pm 
Started by apophis | Last post by apophis
Yeah, I really liked the kickstarter project, but unfortunately the guy never followed thru on delivering boards and pieces to his supporters! Anyway, the board and game pieces I am designing look similar to those on the kickstarter project.
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 5   Arimaa / General Discussion / Re: New Arimaa Notation  Jan 6th, 2019, 1:19am 
Started by rexh17 | Last post by omar
on Jan 22nd, 2017, 11:02am, rexh17 wrote:
I don't know about you but Arimaa Notation is confusing. So I have a new idea for Arimaa notation First representation of pieces.
Setup, Same as before.
Ea3 Eb3 Ec3 Ed3, example of movement notation.
Push or Pull:
Elephant pushes or pulls Camel to c5.
Elephants pushes and trapes Camel to f3.
This notation system will make understanding Arimaa notation more easy

Interesting. Although in some positions EpCc5 may not be sufficient. Imagine the elephant at b4 and opponent cats at c4 and b5. We need to specify which cat is pushed.  
About 10 years ago we were discussing possible ways to shorten the Arimaa notation and make it easier to read. You might find this discussion interesting.
http://arimaa.com/arimaa/forum/cgi/YaBB.cgi?board=talk;action=display;nu m=1230217856
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 6   Arimaa / General Discussion / Re: Bug in Arimaa Game Client?  Jan 6th, 2019, 12:50am 
Started by dpalmer | Last post by omar
Yes, looks like it is bug. I just looked at the code and I see what is causing it. But this is a good opportunity to see if we have any other programmers here who can find it. Just open the link that clyring gave above. Hit Ctrl-u to view the source. Click the link to open arimaa.js. All the client code is in this file and source is readable. See if you can find what might me causing the silver rabbit to not be "pullable" Smiley
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 7   Arimaa / General Discussion / Re: Lunch with SilverMitt  Jan 6th, 2019, 12:00am 
Started by rabbits | Last post by omar
Thanks for sharing, rabbits.
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 8   Arimaa / General Discussion / How to Use Invisible Text/Spoilers in the Chatroom  Dec 18th, 2018, 8:27pm 
Started by CraggyCornmeal | Last post by CraggyCornmeal
Invisible text, a.k.a. a spoiler, is useful when you want to say something that some people may want to avoid reading, such as the answer to a puzzle. To read it, people will have to highlight it.
Here's how to enable invisible text in the chatroom:
1. To open the chatroom, log into the gameroom and click Chat near the top right of the page.
2. Hit ctrl+shift+j (chrome) or ctrl+shift+k (firefox) to open the javascript panel.
3. In the javascript panel, type
and hit enter. Then type
and hit enter again.
4. Exit the javascript panel. In the chatroom, go to the Colors tab. The second color will look like dark red, but it will make everything you type invisible.
5. To stop typing in invisible text, click a different color. If you refresh the tab, the second color will go back to making your text dark red.
Clyring explained this in the chatroom on June 24/25, 2017, which you can read in the archives.
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 9   Arimaa / General Discussion / Re: Helpful Aarima Links  Dec 16th, 2018, 3:11pm 
Started by CraggyCornmeal | Last post by CraggyCornmeal
Thanks, guys. I've added these links to the list. There's probably a better way to organize it, but I guess it's fine for now.
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 10   Arimaa / Site Discussion / Re: Arimaa community website  Dec 9th, 2018, 2:19pm 
Started by Brendan_M | Last post by clyring
My understanding is that the playarimaa site project has been in some sort of stasis for a couple of years, for a few reasons, the largest of which is that lightvector, the lead developer, wants to avoid being the only person with enough knowledge of the code to be able to effectively contribute to its maintenance.
The source repository can still be found at this page, and has all of the same functionality needed to allow anyone to replicate the alpha demo after a fairly modest amount of installation work, or even revive the project.
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