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(Message started by: 99of9 on Jul 9th, 2007, 11:47pm)

Title: Move 7
Post by 99of9 on Jul 9th, 2007, 11:47pm
Open for predictions and notifications.

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by arimaa_master on Jul 10th, 2007, 5:48am

on 07/09/07 at 23:47:21, 99of9 wrote:
Open for predictions and notifications.

What about solid:

7w Ec5e Md4s Ha5s Db4s

It seems to be about even after this move but there could be some sharp lines after our try to pull rabbit with:

7b ec4w Db3e eb4s xxx (ce8s)

but at first sight I guess we are losing in this variation - so how to play for some pep?

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by UruramTururam on Jul 11th, 2007, 2:24am
How about scattering gold elephant and camel:

7w Dd2n Md4e Me4e Mf4n

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by RonWeasley on Jul 12th, 2007, 7:26am
chessandgo moves: 7w Ec5e Md4s Ha5s Db4s.

Just like arimaa_master predicted.  I'm glad I'm on HIS team.

Let's schedule voting to begin Tuesday morning (EDT) and end Wednesday morning if 10 or more votes are cast and Wednesday evening otherwise.  Schedule may change if there's active debate.

This position looks even to me, which means we have achieved our initial goal of getting the initiative away from gold.  Now we would like to get some initiative.  Our position is very safe although our camel is two empty squares away from the E.  Gold's position features a forward H on the edge, a central E, and the M slightly exposed but protectable.  I don't see any immediate tactical threats we can inflict, so we have to think strategically.

I don't want the forward H to threaten rabbit pulls, but I also don't want to commit our e or m to the side.  I might like a path for our m to get to the west side if the H goes up the a-file.  And I don't want an E-H against our c6.  If we go after the the H with our e, it should be with goal of herding it into the center rather than pinning it against the wall.

The central E guards against simple threats by m or h.  Another strategic idea would be to block out the M to one side (east) with our e and try an e-h attack on the other side (west).  

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by Fritzlein on Jul 12th, 2007, 4:47pm
Congratulations arimaa_master for predicting chessandgo's move!  I didn't think he would swallow his pride and retreat, admitting that his attack was more dangerous to him than to us.  I have to believe our position is better now, because our pieces are slightly better placed and it is our move.  However, our advantage is intangible at the moment, and could easily go up in smoke in a single move.  I agree with arimaa_master that sending our elephant to b3 to threaten a rabbit pull leaves us a bit worse off.

I agree with Ron that we can't allow an EH attack against c6.  It is tempting to slide our camel from d7 back to e7 just to get one step further away from his elephant, but I think this would be misguided.  If the game reverts to a lone-elephant contest, we should be ahead anyway because chessandgo's pieces are more exposed than ours.

In fact, keeping the camel on d7 makes it almost impossible for chessandgo to get an EH attack going against c6.  That means he is almost forced into a lone-elephant game with us, in which we stand better.  My first inclination is to play 7b ec4e Md3e ed4s ce8s.  I can't think what chessandgo would do that would permit him to ignore the threat to his camel, given that an EH attack on c6 would be too slow.  If he attacked our camel instead, he would simply be behind.  So I think he would have to get his camel to safety.

But this move is also threatening an EH attack on c3, as Ron suggested we might do.  Chessandgo's dog sits somewhat awkwardly on b3.  Indeed, it seems to me that after my suggested 7b, chessandgo's main choices are an uncomfortable passivity, an unpromising  attack on c6, or a dual lone-elephant race in which he is slightly behind.  Unless he decides to advance his eastern horse too.  Oh, dear, then he might not have to retreat his camel to safety.  Hmmm...

Well, now that I have remembered chessandgo's tendency to advance a horse on each wing, I am not so confident in my first suggestion.  I would also want to take a look at 7b ec4w rb7w cc7w md7w, threatening to flip the dog, and 7b ec4w Ha4n eb4w xxxx as well as other possibilities (including revisiting the rabbit pull threat), but I'm out of time.

Indeed, I may not be able to help the team much this move.  I leave on vacation tomorrow, where I will likely have Internet access, but not much time.  Also any time I do have for Arimaa should probably be spent on the Postal Tournament, trying not to time out in face of chessandgo's EHM attack, and determining whether 99of9's goal attack is in fact fatal to me.  grrr...  (Not to mention that Adanac and Ron are complicating positions I thought I was winning.)

I'm counting on y'all to figure out the best move and tell me in time to vote.

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by UruramTururam on Jul 12th, 2007, 5:56pm
Proposed 7b ec4e Md3e ed4s ce8s - it seems to be solid, yes.

The option is: after forking threat of C make the fourth move of md7e. Pro: camel is safer and dog is ready to go, con: c6 is weakened.  

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by RonWeasley on Jul 12th, 2007, 8:16pm
I looked at

7b ec4e Md3e ed4s cd8s
8w Ha4n Ha5n Hg3n Hg4n

My response would be 8b Me3n ed3e Me4n ee3n.  From here I can't find a way for chessandgo to attack both traps without getting a horse framed or losing the camel.  Takng the the hanging cat on f2 is bad because gold gets control of f6 with E and M taking our dog and getting too good position.

Somebody please check me on this, but I don't think gold advancing the g-file horse will work.  That means this 7b camel threat is a good move.

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by arimaa_master on Jul 13th, 2007, 6:02am
Thx guys, I am proud that I predicted chessandgo's move correctly :)

Ron: I suppose you meant ce8s in your  7b ec4e Md3e ed4s cd8s


move 7b ec4e Md3e ed4s ce8s

proposed by Karl seems to me the best available choice at this moment.

I am waiting answer something like:

8w Dd2e Me3e Ed5n Ha4e

explanation of 8w:
Dd2 Me3e - retreat threatened camel + dog eventually
Ed5n - threaten to flip our camel
Ha4e - finally avoid immediate EH attack to c6

7b ec4w rb7w cc7w md7w

my second choice

Other proposed choices didnīt impress me much.

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by 99of9 on Jul 17th, 2007, 7:14am
I'd better get in before too many votes are cast!!

I don't like anything that involves rb7w.  That makes it too easy for Jean to pull our rabbit.

Therefore I voted for "push camel".  It seems fine.

For the record, the other move I was thinking of that I failed to post was ec4e Md3w ed4s hg6s, in order to attack his f3 trap or drag his h2 rabbit.

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by RonWeasley on Jul 17th, 2007, 8:10am
If everybody suddenly likes ec4e Md3e ed4s hg6s, I can always start a new election.  I still prefer "push camel", so I won't change anything now.  This is just a reminder that elections can be halted and started anew if a mobster discovers new information.

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by RonWeasley on Jul 18th, 2007, 3:23pm
TheMob pushes the camel.  ec4e Md3e ed4s ce8s.  The mob rules!

Only 9 votes by Wednesday evening.  Diminishing interest?  The camel push won 8-1.

Now lets see if chessandgo advances the other H.

Title: Re: Move 7
Post by mdk on Jul 18th, 2007, 6:08pm
I think that the small number of posts in the forum prior to the voting and the lack of disagreement within the mob caused fewer people to take interest this week.

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