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(Message started by: omar on Mar 7th, 2011, 11:41am)

Title: Arimaa review in Italian game magazine
Post by omar on Mar 7th, 2011, 11:41am
The italian magazine "Il fogliaccio degli astratti" that can be download free on the site has a review of Arimaa. It is issue 55. You can read the article about  Arimaa on page 38, if you know Italian.

I didn't know about this magazine until the editor contacted me recently. But it is really a great magazine for abstract strategy game players. I wish there was an English version available.

Title: Re: Arimaa review in Italian game magazine
Post by omar on Mar 7th, 2011, 11:56am
Here is the English translation of the article using

A few years ago the challenge of a chess grandmaster and a computer trained to play at
masterly brought back to the forefront of public play of the King was the result of the challenge
victory of the machine. The success of a cold intelligence of silicon on a sample of Chess
likes of Garry Kasparov stimulated a young computer engineer, specializing in artificial intelligence, to
create a game that would put any difficulty in even the most advanced computer.

Syed Omar wanted to create a game that one part
was able to blow up a bit and Deep Blue
the other was his son plays for four years,

Arimaa was conceived in 2002, a game that can use the chess pieces, but with different rules. Although you can easily use the classic horses, towers and all that the author
preferred to stylize the pieces with a variety of animals:
elephants, camels, wolves, cats and rabbits so that
even the children could be attracted to the game.

If each chess piece has its own move and
anyone can catch all the roles in this game
are reversed, the pieces all move the same way,
but the most powerful pieces blocking the weakest (something
similar happens in Stratego).

Further differences are in the board, the F6,
c6, f3 and c3 blacks are holes where the pieces do not
protected are captured, and the initial deployment,
which is decided by the players themselves.

Arimaa (Omar Syed - 2002)

Player two (gold, silver).

Materials for the game, a 8x8 board, with four
boxes called traps (f6, c6, f3 and c3). Each
player has included 8 rabbits, an elephant, a
camel, two horses, two wolves, two cats.

Start the game, the board is initially empty. The
play free gold square his sixteen pieces
on the first two rows, after which the player touches
silver. The player gold makes the first move.

The aim of the game, the victory goes to the player who
One leads a rabbit on his line farther away.
Another condition for victory is to capture all the pieces
opponents pushing or pulling them into the traps.

The game, in his turn the player can move from
one to four pieces or the same or more pieces
times. For example, elephant, camel, elephant, cat. Important that the disposition of the end of the shift
pieces is different from that of departure.

Movement piece, any piece can be
moved only one square orthogonally adjacent free. Bunnies can not be moved

Moving opponent's piece, with just two moves a piece can move a bit weaker opponent. The hierarchy: elephant, camel, horse, dog,
cat and rabbit.

Pull a piece, the stronger piece moves
an empty box, and its starting square is
occupied by the weaker piece.

Push a piece, the piece is weaker
moved to a free adjacent square, and its
starting square is occupied by the piece stronger.
You can not push and pull simultaneously.

Frozen cuts, a piece adjacent to a stronger opponent is frozen, unless it is also adjacent to a piece of your color. The pieces
frozen can not be moved by the player, but
can be moved by the opponent. A piece
frozen may also freeze a weaker one.

Capture pieces, a piece that leads to a trap
is captured and removed from the game, unless it
is not adjacent to a piece of the same color.

End game, there are special cases where the consignment

- At the beginning of his turn the player has all
pieces frozen, you lose the game.

- The same position is repeated three pieces

- All sixteen rabbits are caught in this
If the game is lost.

Title: Re: Arimaa review in Italian game magazine
Post by omar on Jan 18th, 2012, 1:05pm
There was a follow up article mentioning the Beginning Arimaa book and an analysis of my postal game with Fritz.
page 54.

This one's a little harder to translate with automated tools. If anyone can help that would be great.

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