Arimaa Games Archive

Here you will find links to explore the collection of Arimaa games that have been played ever since the game was initially released. There are also links to featured and highlighted games.

Arimaa Games Archive

All the games played in the Arimaa gameroom since the game was first released are available for research and bot development. The archive is updated once a week on Sunday. The archive is broken up by year and available in both ZIP and TGZ compressed formats.

Click here to get the game archive files.

Arimaa 'win in 2' Puzzles

A large collection of 'win in 2' puzzles from real games played in the gameroom. Some puzzles are quite easy while others very difficult. Is it possible to automatically determine how difficult a puzzle is for humans?

Click here to get the puzzles files. Format is:
    gameNumber:moveNumber winningMove

Bot Bashers Hall of Fame

Fastest way to beat a bot.

Big Reversals

Just when you thought it was over.

View Game

Enter the game id to view a particular game.

Click here.

Plan Game

Tool to experiment with a particular game position.

Click here.

Game PGN

Download the move list of a particular game.

Click here.

Game Grapher

The game grapher tool developed by Brian Haskin allows viewing the number of possible moves for a given game. Brian has also worked on some other Arimaa projects.

Position Conversion

The position conversion tool developed by Leo Eol allows converting a position between various notations and generating an image of the position.