Learn to Play Arimaa

For computers Arimaa may be a thousand times more difficult than Chess, but it's actually very easy for people to learn and play. The rules are simple and intuitive. So even if you've never learned how to play Chess you can learn to play Arimaa in just a few minutes. If you're already a Chess player then Arimaa gives you another interesting game that can be played with a standard Chess set.

Young or old; it's easy for anyone to learn

Official Rules and Notation

Game Rules - Official game rules (PDF file).

Match Rules - Defines time controls and special situation rules for official games.

Game and Position Notation - Defines the notation used to record Arimaa games and positions.

Football/Rugby Theme Rules

Football Theme Rules (PDF file) - Using a sport theme makes the Arimaa rules easy to remember.

Variant Rules

Fast Rules (PDF file) - for faster games or games with a little luck.