The Arimaa Public License

The purpose of the Arimaa Public License is to make Arimaa freely available for educational, research and personal use while still protecting its intellectual property rights.

Any commercial activity based on Arimaa requires obtaining a commercial license. The process for obtaining a commercial license is very simple. If you are considering providing a commercial product or service based on Arimaa, please contact us.

Commercial licenses have been granted for the following:

  • Family Arimaa game sets - Z-Man Games
  • Tournament size Arimaa game sets - Thomas Foy
  • Wooded Arimaa game sets - New Forest Earth
  • 'Beginning Arimaa' book - Karl Juhnke
  • 'Arimaa Tactics and Strategy' book - Jean Daligault
  • Arimaa iPhone App - Martti Joutasniemi
  • Arimaa game on web site -
  • Arimaa PC game - Smart Games Inc.
  • Arimaa game on web site -

We are seeking to grant additional commercial licenses for more products and services. Contact us if you would like to discuss any ideas you have.

Project which are non-commercial require obtaining a written authorization. If you would like to do a non-commercial project with Arimaa or would like to add Arimaa to your non-commercial web site, please contact us.

Authorizations have been granted for the following:

  • Arimaa Engine Interface - Brian Haskin
  • OpFor Arimaa game engine - Brian Haskin
  • Chimaera Arimaa playing program - Scott Hensel
  • Rabbits' Arimaa Client - Greg Clark
  • Arimaa Game Viewer - Henrik Huttunen
  • Arimaa Game Tutorial - Henrik Huttunen
  • Arimaa game on web site -

For personal, educational and research use there is no need to obtain a license or authorization.