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Arimaa Trainer - iPhone App
by Martti Juotasniemi

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Arimaa Trainer: Free Download

Whether you are new to Arimaa or an advanced player you will find this app a must. The app has a built in video tutorial to teach the rules and the built in AI has various levels of strength so that even beginners will find the game fun and challenging. If you are new to Arimaa this app is a great way to practice and get better at the game.

For advanced players there is the option to play with handicap and fast timed games. The app allows moving pieces off the board during the setup stage so you don't need to use steps to suicide pieces in the first move. Also a timer can be used so you have to move quickly; but the timer only applies to you and not the bot, thus making the game difficult even for advanced players.

Both beginners and advanced players will like the two player mode that can be used to pass and play with a friend. This turns the app into an Arimaa game set and clock which you can carry in your pocket. The app can be setup to auto-rotate the board so if sitting side by side with your opponent you can just pass the iPhone to each other and easily enter moves. The app can also be setup to auto-rotate the whole app so that if you are sitting across the table from your opponent, you can just place the iPhone or iPad on the table between you. Combining the two player mode with the timer allows for serious competitive games.

Looking for the Android app.