The 2012 Arimaa Postal Mixer

Registration ends: 8PM EST Friday Apr 1, 2012
Registration extended to: 6PM EST Saturday Apr 7, 2012
Starts: Sunday April 8, 2012


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What: The 2012 Arimaa Postal Mixer is intended to provide players the opportunity to play high quality games at postal speed. The aim of this mixer is not to select a winner or rank the players, but just give players an opportunity to play high quality postal games against closely matched opponents. See the rules for more details.

Format: Each player selects the maximum number of games they would like to play. The players are paired against closely matched opponents to satisfy as close as possible the number of games they would like to play.

Who: The mixer is open to all players regardless of their ratings or ablility. Even bots (programs) may participate. The players will be paired with opponents who have a close rating so that the games will be challenging for everyone regardless of their skill level.

When: The mixer will begin on Sunday April 8th and finish within 2012.

Where: The games will be played over the Internet in the Arimaa gameroom.

Registration: Interested players must register before the deadline of April 1st, 2012. To keep the mixer interesting and require a commitment from the players a refundable registration fee is collected. A registration fee of $20 USD is required to participate. The registration fee is refunded if you do not forfeit, resign or time out on any of your games.

Director: To be determined

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