The 2005 Arimaa World Championship

Karl Juhnke of USA is the Arimaa World Champion
Frank Heinemann of Germany placed second
Omar Syed of USA placed third

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Tournament Rules

What: The 2005 Arimaa World Championship tournament will determine the best human Arimaa player.

Prizes: The winning player will be declared the 2005 Arimaa World Champion and receive a prize of $500 USD. A prize of $200 USD will be awarded to second place and $100 USD for third place.

Format: One game knockout tournament. Followed by one game to determine 3rd place and best of three games to determine 1st and 2nd.

When: The tournament will begin in late November and finish in early January. The participants will play one game per week.

Where: The games will be played over the Internet in the Arimaa gameroom.

Registration: Interested players should register before the deadline of November 13th. A refundable registration fee of $10 USD will be required from players to show a commitment.

Director: Osman Ali

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