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Contest: The spectators of the 2009 Arimaa World Championship will be able to predict on the outcome of the games to win prizes.

Prizes: The spectator who correctly predicts the winning player and comes closest to predicting the number of moves for the game will win the prize amount set for that game. In case of ties the prize will go to the spectator who entered the prediction earlier. The prize for each game in the first two round will be $2. The prize for each game in the third round will be $3 and continue to increase by $1 with each additional round. The spectator prize for the second place tie breaker game will be $5 and the prize for the third place tie breaker game will be $4 (if these games occur). In addition each spectator that correctly predicts the winning player in each game will get a bonus of $1 for that game.

When: The predictions can be made during the finals of the World Championship Tournament after the number of contestents have been reduced to 8.

Where: The contest participants will submit their predictions through the Internet using a web form.

Registration: Spectators should register before the deadline of 6PM EST Friday February 6th, 2009 so they can be notified of when to make the predictions. This date may be changed after the number of players in the championship is known (early January), so register early to avoid missing the deadline. There is a registration fee of $5.

Note: Players may also register to predict. However in their own games the players will have to chose themselves as the winner and cannot predict on the number of moves. Thus, the player will recieve $1 for winning their game and nothing if they lose.

Registered Contestants

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