The 2012 Arimaa World Championship

Hirohumi Takahashi of Japan is the Arimaa World Champion
Jean Daligault of France placed second
Greg Magne of Canada placed third

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Tournament Rules   Registered Players   Prize Fund
$1,100+ USD

Spectator Contest

Event: On November 1st 2011, $200 USD is being placed in a prize fund to be given to the Arimaa World Champion. Anyone can make a claim to this prize. If by January 1st 2012 only one person has made a claim to this prize, they will receive the total amount in the prize fund without dispute. However, to make a claim one must add at least $80 USD to the prize fund and be prepared to play other contenders. If more than one person makes a claim then an elimination style tournament will be held to divide up the prize fund based on games won. The winner of the tournament will receive the title of 2012 Arimaa World Champion via an official certificate. During the event spectators can witness some exciting Arimaa action with live commentary and take part in a contest to predict the outcome of the games.

Registration: Any Arimaa player can make a claim to the prize fund regardless of their rating or experience. Interested players must register before the deadline of 8PM EST Jan 1st, 2011. The registration fee starts at $80 USD on the first day of registration and increases by $1 USD each day. 100% of the registration fees will be added to the prize fund. Registration starts 8pm EST Nov 7, 2011.

Format: A Floating Triple Elimination tournament.

When: The tournament will begin on Wednesday January 11th, 2012 and run for about 5 to 12 weeks depending on the number of participants. The participants will play one game per week.

Where: The games will be played over the Internet in the Arimaa gameroom.

Resigning: There is no penalty for resigning a game, however resigning is discouraged and completing a game to the end is highly encouraged.

Commemorative Gear: Commemorative World Championship T-shirts listing the names of all participants and match-ups will be available for purchase after the event.

Tournament Coordinator: Omar Syed

Tournament Director: Mark Mistretta

Event Reporter: TBD

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