The 2005 Arimaa Computer World Championship

bot_Bomb (David Fotland of USA) is Arimaa Computer World Champion
bot_Clueless (Jeff Bacher of Canada) placed second
bot_GnoBot (Toby Hudson of UK) placed third
bot_Loc (Gerhard Trippen of Germany) placed fourth

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Tournament Rules

What: The 2005 Arimaa Computer World Championship tournament will determine the best computer Arimaa player. The winner will also have the right to play in the Arimaa Challenge match.

Prizes: The winner will be declared the 2005 Arimaa Computer World Champion and receive a prize of $500 USD. A prize of $200 USD will be awarded to second place, $100 USD for third place and $50 USD for 4th place.

Format: The four top rated programs will play a double round robin tournament.

When: The tournament will begin in early January and finish before the end of January.

Where: The games will be played over the Internet in the Arimaa gameroom.

Registration: Interested developers should have their program play the qualifying games (see tournament rules for more details).

Director: Jeroen Donkers of the ICGA

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