Are you having trouble with your Airlink router where it 
randomly stops resolving DNS requests every so often? 
Your browser can't seem to go to any website and gets 
stuck on 'Sending request' until it times out. This 
happens a lot on the AirLink 101, but also happens on
other wireless routers such as NetGear, Linksys, Belkin 
and DLink.

Here is the fix:

1. Open browser have it go to the site:
2. Login to your airlink router. Username is usually 
   if you never changed the password before then try
   for the password. Besure to change the password.
3. Under the 'Setup' tab select 'Internet Setup'.
4. Set primary DNS to and secondary DNS to
5. Set MTU to 1468 (instead of the default 1500)
6. Apply the new setting.

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