The 2008 Arimaa Computer World Championship

bot_Bomb (David Fotland of USA) is Arimaa Computer World Champion
bot_Sharp (David Wu of USA) placed second
bot_OpFor (Brian Haskin of USA) placed third

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What: The 2008 Arimaa Computer World Championship tournament will determine the best computer Arimaa player. The top two finishers will compete for the rights to play in the Arimaa Challenge match (see tournament rules for details).

Prizes: The winner will be declared the 2008 Arimaa Computer World Champion and receive a prize of $200 USD. All contestents will also receive $15 USD for each game won.

Format: A floating triple elimination tournament. See tournament rules for details.

When: The tournament will begin on March 2, 2008 and finish by March 15, 2008. See tournament rules for details.

Where: The games will be played over the Internet in the Arimaa gameroom.

Registration: Interested developers should register as soon as possible to identify themselves and the name of the bot they will be registering. There is a registration fee of $10 USD. Only one bot is allowed per developer or development team. All developers will be given an account on a Linux system and must port their bot to this account before the tournament begins.

Tournament Coordinator: Omar Syed

Tournament Director: Ned Bent

Event Reporter: Greg Magne and Karl Juhnke

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